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I used to write pithy and wholly fictional About pages. But this is supposed to be professional. Which makes tales of following ancient smilodon migratory pathways across a post-apocalyptic Belgium less than desirable.


Also, I couldn't find where I posted the story.


But you still, as I claim above, and firmly believe, should have a sense of who you are hiring and trusting with your project. That sense is critical to your comfort with the designer's process. And let's face it, we are all a pretty diversely weird bunch. We wouldn't be doing this if we weren't. To that end, let me tell you something about who I am.


  • I was, actually, born in a pre-apocalyptic Belgium. Moved to the Chicago area when I was 3, and have basically been here since. Less a year in Charleston, SC as a child, and 6 years in Birmingham, AL that ended a decade back.


  • I have a Bachelor of Arts degree, focused in Marketing and Communication, from DePaul University.


  • I have over 20 years in customer service and product support.


  • I believe that the message is the medium - if you can't read it, it is meaningless.


  • I believe in personal accountability, and apply that in business relationships.


  • I believe in a 'work first' mentality - work allows you to do the rest of it, so take care of work, and it takes care of you.


  • I believe in responding to all questions and communications honestly. If I cannot do the project, I will tell you - it saves you time and money, and saves me embarrassment and frustration. Everyone wins.


This is a good beginning - I won't pretend that I can tell you all there is, and you wouldn't want to slog through that much scrolling content. I will say this - I can, and have, worked with people from every layer of the business world, every economic class, every race, every demographic you choose. Believe me, I am not going to hesitate to work with you, or find a way to fill your needs.


Let me leave you with these two points that sum up everything I do:

Honesty Matters

I firmly believe that Job One for a hired professional is to be honest, with the client. Telling you that the font is bad, the wording is clunky, or that you nailed it in your initial concept is, literally, the absolute least you should expect from your designer. I will give you that honest feedback, even if it means turning down a job. If your current designer won't, then you need to reevaluate that relationship. Honestly.

Clarity Matters

I believe that the message is the medium. By that, I mean that no aspect of the design should ever take away from the information being communicated. I strive to make sure there is no ambiguity, confusion, or possible misunderstandings in all my work. If the message is muddled, or worse, lost, then the design is a failure, no matter how pretty or awe-inspiring.


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