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Concept Development

It begins with an idea. From an idea comes a plan. From there, action steps leading to a draft copy. Revisions, adjustments, additions. The process can seem daunting, especially when you are staring at step one, knowing an idea is needed, knowing the goal, but not having made the first step.


This is where Concept Development is crucial. Determining the course of action needed, the parameters of the project, and the time available is crucial to refining the final results. Concept development can be as complex as functional wireframe mockups or demonstration sites, and as simple as throwing ideas out in a brainstorming session. The important thing is to make sure it is done, and that the ideas are prepared to move forward. I can provide the questions, and the answers to kick your project in motion. Let's start the conversation...


One of the key aspects of your identity in the modern world is your brand. This is the package you present in business, social media, and to new friends or colleagues. For a business, it is also the face of your company, and the way in which you are identified in a sea of people offering a similar product or service. Creating a logo is only part of the brand identity - and is the very beginning. Positioning your brand to communicate to your customers, executing that communication, and maintaining the brand are all what happens after the artwork is completed. Full service branding is something to be approached cautiously - the wrong message can loose you business - while a message that is on point can work for you, building your brand, your business, and your revenue stream. Branding services from G Strayer Design include, at minimum, logo, business cards, letterhead, and #10 envelope designs. I can also work with message, communication to your target audience, and social presence. All it takes is the first step...

Print Design

The plan is set, the brand determined, and now it is time to put pen to paper. So to speak. Once the beginning steps are done, what remains is the execution. Creating the business cards, writing the social posts, designing the brochure. Creating the look and feel of the material your customers will have in their hands takes time, skill, and focus. The layout of words and images has been a specialist skill for thousands of years - from monks illuminating manuscripts to using InDesign to create digital layouts that exist only in the cloud, ours is a long tradition of balancing words and images. This balance is not just for catalogs. Creating the perfect wedding invitation package is equally vital. The good designer treats every project with that care - be it a wedding shower, catalog, or weekend barbeque. Regardless of the event, it is your day, and it matters to you. So it matters to me as well. Working with the latest software and resources, your print project will be a hit with everyone, and help you put your best foot forward. Let me know how I can help...

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