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I have selected some of the projects I have created or worked on to present here. In each case, the projects selected represented a new skill or skills, new challenges, and new successes.

Some projects never launched fully, some are still running, and some represent businesses that went another direction since creation, or have sadly ended their operations.


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When is publicity bad for a brand? Despite the old saw of their being no such thing as bad press, there is indeed such a thing, and knowing how to avoid it is increasingly paramount in today's hot-take-driven media landscape. But Gillette is discovering, as others...

So Your Client Hired Someone Else To Change Things…

There are few things more satisfying than landing a new client - and then getting a monthly support contract on top of it. There are also few things more demoralizing than when that client seeks outside advice to refresh their project. How do you deal with that, with...

Negative Space

Negative space is one of those things like dark matter – it is out there, but too many people don’t know it is there, or what to make of it. But we all see it. One of the best, and most visible, examples is the FedEx logo. The negative space between the E and X...

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