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The Kingdom Company

The Kingdom Company logo

Project Description

The client was looking for a logo and business package for their travel agency’s sideline of missionary-specific travel services. The logo created needed to reflect a commitment to go wherever the missionary was sent. The final logo was approved, as was a package of letterhead, envelopes, and business cards. The company has since fully rebranded, including a new name, and none of these logos are currently in use.

Project Details

Client The Kingdom Company Date August, 2001 Skills Branding, Logo Design
First version of the Kingdom Company logo

First Version

Produced for a Birmingham, AL travel agency seeking to promote their missionary travel business. This is the first version of their logo. The specifications were to include a globe and an airplane. Seeking to get some further information from the client resulted in this first version.

Second Version

Feedback from the first version included a request to use the Papyrus font, and to suggest that the jet was in motion. Incorporating the jet’s ‘trail’ into the lettering resulted in the second version.

Some revisions to this design resulted in the finished product above. All three versions were done in Adobe Illustrator, and incorporate manipulated vector images and text.

Second version of the Kingdom Company logo

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