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Project Description

Take over a stalled web design project, and complete in 30 days what the previous contractor failed to complete in 5 months. Required elements included full e-commerce function (including gift cards), events calendar, item showcase, private events, product description, and a full site design. The client also needed business cards, product stickers, and a grand opening announcement flyer.

Project Details

Client Wine Paper Scissors LLC
Date 4.23.17
Skills Web Design, Content Writing, Photoshop
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Wine Paper Scissors website

eCommerce Website

The cornerstone of the project was an active ecommerce website that integrated an event calendar, event options, and project options in numerous combinations. Each event needed to offer over a hundred different projects, at 4-5 different price points, some with personalization options, and all with custom text options. Built on the robust WordPress platform, Wine Paper Scissors received a website that met all their needs, and flowed smoothly.

Image Correction & Editing

Taking over a previous designer’s work is tricky – they had a direction that may not be clear. In this case, there were obvious changes needed – from correcting image sizing and aspect ratios to updating logos to balance better. This was accomplished with the client’s approval, and changes were made to bring the logos into alignment with each other, and make sure that the images for the site were not only clear, positive, representations of the products, but were also edited and sized to comply with ecommerce standards.

Original Logo

Corrected Logo

Wine Paper Scissors Make It For Me website

Make it For Me Website

In November of 2017, Wine Paper Scissors launched their pre-made shop – WPS Make It For Me – offering fully customized versions of the workshop projects made by the WPS team, and shipped to your location. They decided to launch as a new domain, but one fully, seamlessly, integrated into the existing site. The challenge here was not to make sure that the integration was, indeed, seamless, and that the total look and feel was the same. The challenge was the creation of the total custom option array, allowing the customer to choose every element of the project themselves, from text to color to wood stain. That was accomplished with a complex string of conditional logic options, which allowed some options to be hidden based on previous selections.

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